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Project Description

Early in the web development world, scripting languages such as ASP or PHP were used to compose pages. Although this proved great for relatively static pages, the dynamic web, filled with rich applications called for a more powerful framework. Thus, frameworks like ASP.NET were born.

ASP.NET solved a good number of problem spaces, but has made creating simple pages (such as a resume or menu, or other primitive list of data) more cumbersome. With the world of COM development becoming less common and less preferable, the gap for a scripting language to replace VBScript/ASP is needed. PowerShell scripting has filled the gap left by the demise of VBScript, but nothing has come along to replace ASP.

PowerShell Pages is an ASP like language, based on the PowerShell runtime. Using a simple HTTP Handler, ASP.NET can render pages scripted using PowerShell script (including cmdlets, and CLR/.NET objects) to the web. Simple, fast and intuitive programming for simple pages that just need to display some content.

The first release of PowerShell Pages is a prototype. I intend to build out a more stable version based on the theory shown by this prototype.

For an example of a PowerShell Pages site (and the source of a sample page), visit

The current code base is a prototype and is experimental. A sample project is included to show the intended use of the final product.

PSP Use Cases

  • Simple data driven relatively static pages
  • Alternative to XSLT for quick and easy formatting of XML
  • Simple operations that need to occur when a page is hit (ex: refresh or restart a server)
  • Data binding and postback framework is too heavy for the type of page being created

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